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Here you can discover how our Search Engine Consultants have helped businesses from diverse industries attain top positions on search engines and get free targeted flow of traffic to their websites.

A Case Study – Al Fanar Real Estate Company

Our Real Estate SEO implementation lies in working with both content and coding techniques, adopting generally accepted standards while creating web pages, making the website and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. This helps maintain a constant flow of leads for real estate business. Property listings calls for a lot of dynamics in the page structure and so demands database oriented SEO strategy to ensure each and every page within the website stays visible on search engines.

Getting a website in the Real Estate industry to perform well on Search Engine indexes would need a systematic plan of action. Right from appropriate domain name selection to spider friendly URLs and link building, we implemented both on page and off page SEO to ensure the website stays ahead of the competition. Content writing to keep the site updated with fresh data and articles that interest the users has been done to keep the site growing. Directory Submissions and link building had been an ongoing effort made to keep the site maintaining its page rank with search engines. Active participation in social media and bookmarking websites has helped drive quality traffic and increase leads to the website. With Google Analytics, we track the user community and understand areas in the website that gets more attention and focus our efforts to keep prospects busy on the website with new offerings and services.

The website has been staying in the first page on Google SERP for the past four years now !!

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