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by Rayz
Published on: November 20, 2011
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In the age of the internet and online marketing, writing books and publishing them has become easier and faster than it has ever been. Since the past several years, it has become increasingly possible for anyone and everyone to write a book and publish it both in the paperback as well as the digital versions. These days, hardly anyone waits for the traditional publishing houses to like their book and agree to publish it. It’s all so easy and fun these days, not to mention so encouraging as you don’t have to go through the setbacks which are more likely when you have to persuade one publishing house after the other to accept your manuscript and publish your book.

What kind of a book do you dream of writing? Once you have asked yourself this question and figured out your topic of interest, start a blog site on it. Get into the flow of posting related articles and blogs on this subject matter that draws so much of your interest. You can then repurpose these posts into short reports and also, compile and present the content into an engaging book that readers will find unputdownable or greatly useful.

The main purpose of starting the blog is to pre-promote your book. This is to say that when you start a blog, you will gradually gain a good number of visitors. Many of these visitors will turn into your regular visitors, who will come back to your blog site again and again to read the new posts, post comments and reply to comments. Utilize this time to connect with your audience and discuss your topic with them on a personal level and learn how you can best serve the readers with the content of your book.

These personal interactions will leave you richer with more knowledge, ideas, stories and experience to write your book in a better way than you previously would have. But, the icing to the cake is that you will gain a faithful readership too. When you have a blog with regular visitors, you can request them to subscribe to your posts for free. This way you can gradually build a long list of names with email addresses who would be highly interested in your book’s subject matter and more specifically, your book. Furthermore, you can win easy referrals too.

Now, begin writing your book utilizing all the information, experience and resources you have gathered via your blogs and otherwise. Enrich your book with keywords and key phrases. Then publish your book through Amazon’s Create Space program, an inexpensive and fast way to publish books.This program allows you to distribute your books in the aspiring writers’ circle too, so that, they can learn from you. You can also go with other sell eBook websites like They also provide book cover design at an affordable cost. Spread the word of your book being published through your blog, which is already quite bustling with followers now. Also, consider promoting your book via social media networking sites. All these steps are much easier, faster and definitely a lot cheaper than having a publishing house agree to do the job for you. So, wish you a happy and fast publishing!

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