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by Rayz
Published on: January 29, 2009
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Domain names are the basic URL that forms the websites root. Every webpage and links within the website braches out from it. Being the base of the website, a domain name is given high importance by search engines, while ranking a website.

A domain name has to ideally reflect the basic keywords for which the website is aimed at…but mostly this is not always followed since website owners wish to keep their company name or the brand name as the website’s name.

Keeping your company name as the website name is fine as long as you figure out alternative mechanisms for optimizing the website, and if there is not much competition in the search engines for that specific keyword. However it’s always advisable to safeguard and keep with you, any of the domain names, that exactly read as your potential keyword for which you need your website optimized. Get such websites up and running with your products showcased so you still stay on top of the index and get more traffic to run your business.

Being the root folder of the website, search engines assume that what the text reads on the domain name is what they really offer on the page, that way websites with exact keyword phrases that a user search for stands a better chance to get on the first pages of a search engine.

Domain Names can be classifieds into two categories:

1. Keyword Specific
2. Brand Name Specific

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