Bing copy Google Search Results

by Rayz
Published on: February 6, 2011
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There is no doubt as to who tops the chart when it comes to search engines, but when the topper alleges that its search results are being copied as such by its major competitor, it gets hot over discussion tables.

Recent findings by Google research wing, examined that Bing has been using G’s search results as such and showcasing as their own, to make-up its lost image within the search industry. Matt Cutts has clearly proven how Bing stole Google results and claims it to be theirs.

Though Google doesn’t own its search results, the underlying technology has been the result of years of hard work from their R & D team.

Regardless of whether Microsoft uses Google search results as such or click-data of users; the results are sourced by Google SERP. It relies on Google technology; that would mean, as Matt rightly said “Bing is purely piggybacking Google”.

From a legal standpoint Google might want to sue MS for indirectly infringing into their patented technology. Perhaps Bing might provide a courtesy note on their search results, “These results are .01 percent based on Google Technology”.

As a search engine enthusiast, I feel that, no matter how well Bing employs (copy) Google results as 1 of its 1000+ signals in its results, Bing will not be able to add more user’s to its base, they might succeed to a certain extent to keeping their existing users though.

Why on Earth would a Google user want to move to Bing? Unless Google loses its quality of search in future, Google should not worry on this issue, but move on, continue to provide quality search results and the user community will remain on their side.

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