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by Rayz
Published on: January 29, 2009
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Getting your site ready to target localized search!

The web space has grown extremely huge in size that if I were to search for a ‘Honda car dealer’ in my locality, I will need to conduct a search with specific local area information too. Else I would be landed with millions of Honda dealer websites from across the globe. I can also search on a local version of my search engine that would help me land localized results.

From a websites perspective how can they get on top of localized search rankings?

I know of local dealers in my area who used to run websites that were optimized for general keywords like ‘Honda dealer’ and then ending up buried in the search results. If your business deals only in specific locality make sure you optimize the website specifically for the local search results and NOT for general keywords which always carry a fierce ranking competition.

For eg: if I am a Sacramento Honda Car Dealer, my website should be optimized for keywords like ‘California Honda Dealership’,’ Sacramento Honda Car Dealers’,’ Honda Car Dealers Sacramento CA’ etc.

These are the likely keywords that a Sacramento based prospective Honda car buyer would be keying in on a search engine.

Focusing on a local search optimization strategy that targets local searchers would earn you high rewards since the chances for better visibility on search engines are high. Moreover, the local searchers are your more prospective customers, as they are specifically looking for business that runs from their neighborhood.

There are directories and search engine portal listings operating for almost every state/city now. Getting listed in such local listings would also help generate quality local traffic to reach your website. Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp, CitySearch, Craigslist, Geo-Targeted PayPerClick campaigns etc are just a few of them to start with.

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