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by Rayz
Published on: January 29, 2009
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Doorway pages are kind of product specific pages that are created, and hosted separately from the parent website that actually sells the product. In order to boost traffic into the parent website, we create new websites under different domains, which would actually contain just one page that is SEO rich for the product that it talks about, misleading search engines to believe that this website and its contents actually sell the specific product. In realty this new website that is product specific, by itself doesn’t sell anything on the site, but provides a link for you to click on to reach the parent website and order products from there.

Say for example, we have a website that sells all Honda Accord cars. The webmaster creates doorway websites for each of the following specific car models:

Honda Accord EX Coupe, Honda Accord EX Sedan, Honda Accord EX-L Coupe, Honda Accord EX-L Sedan Now these doorway sites are made rich with keywords for better search engine placement, but they do not really sell any products in them, but only acts as a doorway to the actual website.

From a business perspective the webmaster can justify that the intention is to only showcase their product to its customers from a different web store that speaks specifically for one product alone. However, for search engines, they list doorway pages as black-hat seo technique, since the doorway website by itself doesn’t sell what they offer on them. This can always lead to the doorway website being black-listed on search engines, but your parent website will still be safe since it hasn’t broken any of the search engine protocols.

Though doorway pages are to be seen as an illicit seo method, there are lot of seo firms that still practice this technique, and claims of success stories of driving traffic into the parent website.

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