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by Rayz
Published on: January 29, 2009
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“Social bookmarking” a feature being provided by social websites on the Internet for storing, organizing, and managing bookmarks of web pages being visited by their users.

Social Bookmarking Service is a free form of link building, where the user population is million strong and capable of bookmarking your products on their accounts within the social sites they have an account with.

Social bookmarking sites include Digg, Twitter, facebook, Delicious; there are numerous sites that offer similar service and the list keeps growing each day.

Any internet user can freely signup to these social websites and add bookmarks to products or services which they find on your website to be useful. It would be ideal if you can provide a gadget with all social bookmarking sites added within it on your website against each product, so the visitors can get the products bookmarked with ease.

Saving bookmarks to a social website helps access these bookmarks from any computer connected to the web. Anyone connected with the user over the same social website can see the web links to their bookmarked site and then can either reach to your web pages, or can even bookmark the same onto their accounts. The process of bookmarking is too simple and with minimal time, and the returns for you would be free links flowing on to your web pages. Continuous, effortless SEO for your web pages happening every hour, every minute, every second!

Search Engines always eye bookmarking and social websites hence any link that votes for your site on social sites would help raise your site index with search engines. Bookmarking on social websites has been a proven mechanism to bring unexpectedly great results if done properly.

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