Social Media – Heading the future of online business

by Rayz
Published on: May 24, 2010
Categories: Social Media
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Social groups have been a marketing medium ever since mankind started the practice of selling. In the virtual space, marketers have been trying various tactics to attract buyers to their websites and portals.

Gone are the days when we could start a website, do a bunch of seo optimization and wait for customers to walk in. Yes there still is room for business, but to keep with the changing world dynamics of sales, we need to have our strategy re-aligned to get out and reach our audience, get them to generate interest in what we have in store.

SEM and other online marketing techniques sought new strategies to keep themselves closer to where the crowd is. Analytics and similar traffic analysis applications assist in identifying the whereabouts of internet users, and most of them pointed to the virtual societies that formed a platform for online users to share their time with fellow users.

Social media marketing has become a cost-effective way to get visibility across the globe. As with any marketing technique, success comes with consistent, frequent, and long-term efforts. Social media like Twitter and Facebook has the major share of members online and is still growing.

Any news about products or services that can be indirectly and creatively put across as a message to the community will raise customer interest and stand a better chance to get converted, than usual marketing messages and advertisements.

Social media will keep on evolving and new giants might leap out as time moves by; surely this channel will continue to keep its share of participation in generating online business.

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  1. Austin says:

    Thanks for this article, a good read! Sincerity is Key, you cannot pretend to give something and expect to get the same results

  2. Jonathan says:

    It really depends on the nature of the business.

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